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At Crafty Ramen, we pride ourselves on making almost everything in house – crafting our broths, preparing our toppings and oils, and even making our own noodles from scratch. We use no artificial seasonings, flavourings or MSG in our bowls. Our menu is inspired by Japanese ramen, and contains a reworking of classic bowls combined with our own unique twists. No matter the offering, we put an innovative Crafty twist on everything we do. Our region influences many of these innovations, as we pride ourselves on using only the best local ingredients wherever possible. We work constantly to refine all of our products, in the ultimate goal of constant improvement.

Crafty Ramen Market

Introducing the Crafty Ramen Market - The world of ramen shipped to you. Check out our new DIY ramen subscription or shop ramen kits, ramen gear, pantry staples and even products from some of our local partners! 

Co-Founders Jared & Miki Ferrall chat about the new Crafty Market

Fresh Ramen Kits

Our fresh Ramen Kits are now available exclusively shipped to your door! They contain everything you need to create restaurant quality ramen at home. Made from fresh ingredients, with no additives or preservatives, and ready in under 20 minutes. Choose from a number of different styles with vegan/vegetarian options available.

GTA delivery with our friends at Bondi Produce

Frozen Ramen Kits

Frozen is the new fresh. Our new frozen kits are available exclusively for pick from our Noodle Shops. Have your freezer armed and ready for those ramen cravings. 3 different styles now available, including vegan offerings! 

GTA delivery with our friends GoFoodie

Miss the restaurants?

Check out the Big Crafty Playlist, grab some takeout or a DIY kit and rock out like you're back in the shop. With almost 11,000 songs we recommend hitting shuffle!

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