Crafty Ramen Kits and Pantry Items Offer Convenient, Creative Mealtime Fun

Guelph, ON (March 4, 2021) ⏤ Crafty Ramen, a locally owned and operated restaurant group with locations in Guelph and Kitchener, is bringing the experience of ramen to homes across Ontario. Delivering an innovative take on classic ramen, the Crafty Ramen Market now ships fresh, house-made do-it-yourself (DIY) ramen kits and unique pantry items to more than 40 cities throughout the region, with further expansion underway.

Ready to eat in less than 20 minutes, Crafty Ramen’s kits contain simple instructions and pre-portioned ingredients, with everything from the noodles to broth made fresh and individually packaged in-house. A variety of meat and vegan bowls are available, developed by Crafty Ramen Co-Founder and Executive Chef Jared Ferrall. Simple online ordering lets customers choose single kits or a Fresh Ramen Subscription which sets up regular ramen delivery.

Items are delivered in temperature controlled boxes, with free shipping on all subscription orders and any orders over $50. Customers are notified 24 hours prior to delivery and receive a contactless drop-off notification upon arrival. Kits should be cooked within three days, or frozen for up to six months.

With new menu innovations always in the works, customers can expect plenty of options and a simple at-home kitchen experience that requires minimal preparation or clean-up ⏤ perfect for busy professionals, noodle enthusiasts, a fun date-night in or quality time as a family.


Get the world of ramen, shipped. Offerings include:

Individual ramen kits ($16) and ‘kids kits’ ($9)

The Fresh Ramen Subscription; build your bundle or choose a family box starting from $32

House-made ramen noodles, chilli oil, broth, kimchi and pickled mushrooms; priced from $5 to $15

DIY gyoza kits (15 to 20 pieces for $20)


After attending Japan’s Yamato Ramen School and cooking across the country, husband and wife team Jared and Miki Ferrall settled in Guelph in 2017 and opened the first Crafty Ramen. A year into their journey they met restaurateur and franchise wiz Khalil Khamis, now Crafty Ramen partner and CEO. “We were inspired by a mutual love of hospitality and found a welcoming community eager for ramen,” said Jared Ferrall, Crafty Ramen co-founder and executive chef.

Now, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, the Crafty Ramen Market seeks to do more than ‘pivot’ the business. “In closing the restaurants to dine-in we obviously lost a revenue stream, but more than that, we lost the connection to our community,” explained Miki Ferrall, Crafty Ramen co-founder and vice president of operations. “The Crafty Ramen Market is our way of navigating this new world and sharing that experience again; we are hoping to bring our feeling of home into the homes of our customers.”

“We’re changing the way that people think about ramen ⏤ it can be both fresh and convenient,” added Khalil Khamis, Crafty Ramen partner and CEO. “If the past year has taught us anything it’s that a restaurant is not defined by the space it occupies. Through our ecommerce platform and partnerships with a growing list of local retailers, we plan to bring the high-quality Crafty experience to households all across Canada.”


About Crafty Ramen

Crafty Ramen is ramen, reimagined. With restaurants in Guelph and Kitchener, Ontario, Crafty Ramen has been bringing high-quality Japanese inspired, locally influenced, and house-made food to the community since its doors first opened in 2017. Now delivering province-wide and available at select retailers, Crafty Ramen’s DIY ramen kits, ramen subscriptions and wide array of unique pantry items and accessories offer a simple, creative at-home cooking experience. Find restaurant locations at craftyramen.comand check out the Crafty Ramen Market to explore the world of ramen, shipped to you.


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