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The DIY Lineup

Learn about our kits below!
Frozen kits may not include all toppings shown in pictures.

The Northern Warmer

A hearty and satisfying ramen inspired by the Sapporo region of Japan, featuring miso chicken broth and pork chashu.

Spice level: 2/5

The Spicy Negi

A spicy and invigorating shio ramen, inspired by the light and refined side of Japanese cuisine, featuring 2 options. Vegan with veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu or chicken broth and chicken breast.

Spice level: 3/5

The Tokyo Salary Man

A delicate and classic shoyu ramen, inspired by the Tokyo roots of ramen, featuring 3 options. Chicken broth with choice of pork chashu or chicken breast. Vegan with veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu.

Spice level: 0/5

The Chicken TanTan Men

A spicy and rich ramen inspired by the flavours of Szechuan, featuring Sesame chicken broth, spiced chili oil, and marinated ground chicken.

Spice level: 4/5

The Kaizen Warrior

A savoury miso ramen with crunchy bean sprouts and the rich aroma of sesame oil, featuring our pork and duck broth and pork chashu or veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu.

Spice level: 1/5

The Vegan Mapo Tofu

A spicy and tingly ramen-inspired version of the popular Chinese dish, featuring vegan broth and braised tofu.

Spice level: 4/5

The Gryphon

A robust miso ramen with a warming spiciness, inspired by the community where we were founded, featuring our rich chicken and duck broth and pork chashu.

Spice level: 3/5

Kid's Ramen

A kid's size ramen featuring chicken or veggie broth. Great for customizing with your own favourite toppings!

Spice level: 0/5

The DIY Gyoza

Everything you need to fold your own Japanese  dumplings, inspired by Miki's family recipe. Makes 15-20 pieces, dipping sauce recipe included. Available in pork and veggie.

Spice level: 0/5

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