Posted 6 months ago
At Crafty Ramen, we spend a lot of time thinking about community. Whether you are a loyal follower, first-timer, or perfect stranger, we would not be where we are today without the community we have cultivated over the last couple of years. Moving into our second location, we made a business-minded decision to go cashless at our Kitchener location. Our thoughts were focused on simplicity, and we believed it would streamline things for ourselves and our customers alike. Our hopes were to use the time usually reserved for counting tills, balancing floats, and making trips to the bank to focus on improving many facets of the business, including guest experience. After much feedback and reflection, we have realized that not accepting cash was a misstep. We in no way intended to set an exclusionary tone, and we apologize to anyone who tried to pay with cash in the first few weeks since we’ve opened. In growing as a business, we understand more and more each day the value of our community’s input and perspective. In striving to be an Organization of Care, we understand the need to constantly analyze the effects of our actions, and measure the degree to which they reflect the values of our community. As of DEC 16 2019, we are happy to announce we will be accepting cash at both Crafty Ramen locations.
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