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The same great taste and quality you have come to expect from Crafty Ramen, with a whole new level of convenience. Here are a few of the reasons we decided to transition to frozen…


A frozen ramen kit experience means a longer shelf life and greater convenience.

After receiving your delivery, you can simply put your DIY Kits in the freezer and pull them out when you're looking to add some noodle magic to your day! No more worrying about finding fridge space and rushing to make your kits while they’re still fresh.

Stock your freezer up and get Crafty whenever you’re ready!


We are always looking for ways to be more sustainable as a business. Switching to frozen DIY Ramen Kits gives us the opportunity to provide a more environmentally friendly ramen experience.

Our frozen ramen kits will be shipped using dry ice, which will not only eliminate the use of wasteful ice packs, but also ensure that your delivery arrives at food safe temperatures - even if you can’t retrieve it from your doorstep right away!

Moreover, freezing the components of our kits allows us to be more precise in our planning and packaging, eliminating any potential for wasted or spoiled food that frequently occurs with fresh products.


In order to ensure the highest quality ingredients and experience, we’ve had to make a few minor changes to the components of your DIY Ramen Kit. Not all of our fresh ingredients were able to transition well into frozen form. In every situation, we believe that the changes made to the components of the kits maintain and improve on the quality of the experience, and in some cases, no changes were made to the components of the DIY Ramen Kits. Here’s a look at what’s new in the frozen kits.

All Kits - Spiced and flavoured oils are now mixed with pre-sliced green onions instead of being blended in with the tare.

Northern Warmer - No component changes.

Spicy Negi - No component changes.

Tokyo Salaryman - No component changes.

Gryphon - No component changes.

Spicy Chicken Tantan - Bok choy replaced with roasted corn and green onions.

Vegan Mapo Tofu - Bok choy replaced with Chinese brocolli.

Kaizen Warrior - Bean sprouts replaced with green onions.

Kid's Ramen - No component changes.

We’re constantly evolving at Crafty Ramen – this focus on change and innovation is something we’re very proud of. If you have suggestions on ways we can improve, please let us know!