What we do

We're a local ramen restaurant located in the heart of downtown Guelph and Kitchener where we make our own noodles using Canadian wheat, and with a ramen noodle machine that we brought over from Japan. 

We're keeping with the tradition of regional innovation that is a big part of ramen in Japan and seeking to make a truly Ontarian bowl using local pork, chicken and vegetables.

Thanks for taking an interest in us. We really hope you like what you see and come down to check us out. 

Miki & Jared

the owners and operators, have an almost feverish love for all things culinary but have a particular crush on ramen. 

Miki had a good head start on Jared having grown up in Japan. She even worked at a ramen shop while still in school. However, Jared made up for lost time while working in Japan for four years as a chef, eating ramen every chance he got. After traveling the world together,  they eventually returned to Japan to attend the Yamato Ramen school.  Miki and Jared then toured the country sampling as many ramen bowls as they could before coming to Guelph to set up a shop of their own.

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