Tokyo Salary Man

A delicate and classic shoyu ramen, inspired by the Tokyo roots of ramen, featuring 3 options. Chicken broth with choice of pork chashu or chicken breast. Vegan with veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu

Chicken TanTan

A spicy and rich ramen inspired by the flavours of Szechuan, featuring Sesame chicken broth, spiced chili oil, and marinated ground chicken.

Northern Warmer

A hearty and satisfying ramen inspired by the Sapporo region of Japan, featuring miso chicken broth and pork chashu.

Spicy Negi

A spicy and invigorating shio ramen, inspired by the light and refined side of Japanese cuisine, featuring 2 options. Vegan with veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu or chicken broth and chicken breast.


A savoury miso ramen featuring crunchy bean sprouts and the rich aroma of sesame oil, in two ways: vegan with veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu, or tonkotsu style broth with pork chashu.


Kid's ramen with chicken or veggie broth. 


Keep the kids busy while you channel your inner ramen artist. Download our Crafty Coluring Sheets below! 



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